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Feig Readers and Reading Multiple Tag Memory Banks

When using Feig readers there are few important points to consider when reading multiple memory banks of an RFID Tag. The behavior can change depending on the Operating Mode that the reader is in.

  • Host Mode - Both the User memory bank and the TID memory bank will be retrieved and sent to the destination. There is an issue when using more than one antenna in that the tag's additional memory banks will be requested on the first antenna. So, if the tag is not visible to the first antenna the reading of the additional memory banks can fail. This is not the case when using Buffered Read Mode described below.
  • Buffered Read Mode - When using Buffered Read Mode the Feig reader along with ClearStream will only read one of the two memory banks, not both. The additional memory bank that is read can be changed using the Feig configuration software. When a memory bank is selected the other field in ClearStream will be populated with an N/A value. To remove this simply unmap the other field.
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