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Using ClearStream RFID as a Windows Service

Configuring the ClearStream RFID Service is a multi-step process.   Here is a list of steps to take to get the ClearStream RFID Service up and running.

  1. Save your ClearStream RFID Project file and your Destination Database to the C drive of the host machine.  A windows service has no knowledge of the User level, because of this if the files are saved in a Users My Documents folder the service will have a hard time finding them.  
    1. Note: For situations where moving the database and project file local to the machine is not available (For example, if the database is located on a Mapped Drive)  You can try using the Full UNC File Path Name to the  required file locations.
  2. Open the desired ClearStream RFID project and navigate to Tools-->Preferences. Click the Use Current Project button to set this as the Active project in the ClearStream RFID Sync Service section.
  3. Set the Auto Start Readers on Start accordingly per below:
    1. When disabled, this requires you to right click the ClearStream Tray Icon and choose the Readers --> Start All or Stop All option.
    2. When enabled, this will start all readers as soon as the windows service has started up. This is useful if your PC or server reboots and you want the readers to start up automatically without any user intervention.
  4. Click OK to save the settings and then Save the project.
  5. Close down the ClearStream software and Stop the service, then Start it again for changes to take effect. See below for ways to start and stop the service.
    1. Right Click the ClearStream Tray Icon and Select Start Service or Stop Service.
    2. Navigate to Start --> Programs --> PTS -->ClearStream RFID and click on the Start and Stop service shortcuts. This location may be different depending on your Windows OS.
    3. Open the Task Manager, navigate to the Services tab and right click the ClearStreamRFIDSyncService_4 to stop and start. 
    4. Open the Windows Services console (Services.msc), locate the ClearStream RFID 4 Sync Service option, then right click to stop and start.
  6. You should now be able to use the windows service with ClearStream without the need for the software to be open. Note that any changes you make to the ClearStream project requires the service to be stopped and started again for the changes to take effect.

See the below troubleshooting steps if you experience any issues using the service:

  1. Try disabling your Firewall.  Many times the Firewall of the host PC will block the service from running.  This is because the service runs on a different port than syncing using the ClearStream software.  If the Service Sync is successful with the Firewall off, a rule will have to be created in the Firewall to allow access across port 4406.  Always remember to turn your firewall back on after testing.
  2. If the service still is not making a connection, you can try using the Log On Option for the service.  To find this, click Start and type Component Services.  Open the Component Services window, then select Services (Local).  Look for ClearStream RFID 4 Sync Service in the list, right click it and select Properties.  Next, select the Log On Tab.  Select the This Account option and then select the Browse Button.  This will bring up the Select User Window, now select Advanced followed by Find Now.  This will populate the list on the bottom of the screen with the users on this PC.  Select your Username from the list.  When finished hit Apply to apply the changes.  This will log the service on as if it was your User Account, giving it access to any permissions that your User Account has.
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