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Upgrading to a newer version

There are two types of upgrades available, a Major Upgrade, and a Minor/Patch Upgrade. A Major upgrade is when a newer major version is released such as upgrading from version 3.0 to 4.0. A Minor upgrade occurs when applying bug fix or minor feature updates to an existing installation of ClearStream RFID. An example of this would be when upgrading from version 4.0 to 4.1.

During a Major Upgrade the latest version of ClearStream RFID is installed to your PC. If there is an existing installation it will remain on your PC when the installation is complete and you can run the new version side-by-side with the older version, and if needed you can rollback to the previous installation if you decide to not complete the upgrade at this time.

A Minor Upgrade will install over the top of the existing installation. This means that you are already running version x.0,  and after installing x.2 you will no longer have access to the previous installation. Typically these upgrades only include minor features and bug fixes, so there is generally no reason to go back. If needed, the previous version can be re-installed by un-installing the minor release and re-installing the required older version.

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